trabzon beach hotels5.9.2020

There are 61 park hotels besides being by the sea in Trabzon, there are hotels closest to the city´s public beach and other private beaches. It is very close to Kaşüstü beach, which has special sections reserved for family and non-family members, where our guests can go as a family, and Arsin family beach and araklı family beach. it raises its rank among the preferable facilities. All security measures and food and beverage services are provided, locker rooms are available and Beaches where you can meet their toilet needs serve the guests in the most beautiful months of summer. sandy beach and various pebble beaches are the most popular beaches of trabzon coast It is located in the province of Trabzon. 61 park hotel guests can easily use these beaches as the closest facility. In addition, they can reach the social pool facilities of the city whenever you wish. The trabzon olympic pool, which is 5 minutes away, becomes open to the use of people on certain days and hours. If you want sea, sand and sun besides the plateau tour, it is possible for you.  We look forward to hosting you.

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