Places to visit in Trabzon7.9.2020


When Trabzon is mentioned, it comes to mind as the green and blue civilization, culture and the city where many famous names were born and raised. In addition to many cultural heritages, we can spend time in the perfect nature paintings that nature offers us. You can collect very pleasant memories. For some people, Trabzon, which offers you a therapy session, is known as the city that releases seratonin in many bodies. Sea sand sun, nature tree green, Organic food resources, natural and sympathetic people. It is a place where millions of people come the other side of the world and find peace. We have listed the places to visit in Trabzon for you; The Hagia Sophia Mosque Boztepe Picnic Area SUMELA Monastery Sera Lake Ganita Beach Trabzon Port Zigana Mountain Akcaabat Beach Akçaabat Historical Houses Eyof Park Centenary Picnic Area Faroz Port Beşirli Beach Akyazi Stadium Trabzon Museum Trabzonspor Museum Trabzon Forum Shopping Center Sumela Campground Hıdırnebi plateau Kayabaşı Plateau Düzköy plateau Taskopru plateau Zahra Mountain Memis Aga Mansion Kadirga Plateau Hamsiköy Plateau Libodom Lake  

Limni Main Attractions In this way, we will present these places to your information in detail in our later articles.


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