Trabzon Airport Hotel22.8.2020

 Located at the heart of Trabzon Airway Transportation, our hotel is where you can access the airport as soon as possible for your international and domestic flights. It is an accommodation facility. Our hotel is 5 minutes away the airport. It welcomes its guests all over the world. Beside that Full support is provided by our staff in airport transfer and check-in procedures. For this, all you have to do is create a reservation. To share the information of documents showing your flight details to our reception. The entire organization is provided for you and your safe transfer is made. Being the closest hotel to the airport, Access as soon as possible, No waste of time, Not being affected by any noise in the working area of ??the airport, Standard and VIP Airport Transfer services, High popularity and popularity,  

All these situations give you an advantage in your accommodation. We look forward to hosting you in the best possible way.



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Yalıncak Mah. Rize Cad. No:166/17 Ortahisar / TRABZON
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