Trabzon seaside hotel24.8.2020

 We recommend you to stay 1 day in 61 park hotels to watch the deep blue waters and the most beautiful beach of the Black Sea. A holiday, travel, travel, accommodation and honeymoon where you can spend a therapy session accompanied by the sea view As 61 park hotels in your preferences, our hotel, which has the most assertive view of the city of Trabzon and even the Black Sea with its geographical location, is specially designed to see the sea view of all rooms and the sea is only Being 500 meters away offers you the opportunity to watch the land a very beautiful point. For this, we recommend that you take advantage of early booking. There are 61 park hotels among the few hotels that can offer sea and mountain views together in the Black Sea coastal city of Trabzon. It is located in the middle of the sea and the forest. All rooms have balconies. There are private balconies on the terrace floor. An enjoyable stay awaits you in this unique view. We expect you to stay at 61 park hotels as soon as possible. Experience the most perfect comfort with your loved ones in Trabzon´s most perfect facility, with the most perfect view.  

61 park hotels will be honored to welcome you.

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Yalıncak Mah. Rize Cad. No:166/17 Ortahisar / TRABZON
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